Re: help with data on webkit accessibility

> So the question now is where do we go from here? Do I spend my time
> hacking something together in Orca which only kinda sorta works to
> address the fact that Debian and Ubuntu have decided to do their own
> thing? Or do I spend my time trying to work on the WebKitGtk side of
> things? I'm sure my tone conveys my opinion. ;-) However, if the
> community consensus is that I should try to get *something* working on
> the Orca side of things, I will do my very best.

My opinion: if given the choice between hacking something that will be
thrown away and focusing on fixing the real problem, I say fix the real
problem.  We can work down stream with Ubuntu to get them go back to
Gecko for now if they haven't already done so.


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