Re: help with data on webkit accessibility

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 8:14 PM, Joanmarie Diggs
<joanmarie diggs gmail com> wrote:
>> Right, so my impression was that those issues made the experience
>> not-that-good but I wasn't aware that for some people it simply meant
>> "yelp does nothing", which is pretty bad. Maybe that was me not paying
>> enough attention, but it would be good to prioritize bugs even further
>> along the lines "we need this or yelp is useless". I get from this
>> that 25677 is the bug to focus on at the moment then? :)
> The primary means of accessing Yelp will not be flat review. It will be
> Orca presenting the current line/word/character/etc. as the user
> navigates. So we need the caret navigation stuff in place. That's
> something I cannot do; re-working what I've done on 25677 is something I
> can do. :-)

OK, so any of the missing caret browsing issues actually prevents the
app from working at all? As I said my impression was that there were
indeed various problems but that the basic functionality was there at
least. Or is there a misunderstanding here? Anyway, guess we could try
to find some minutes to have a quick chat some day and unbork this
before 2.30.


> --joanie

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