Re: Ideas for upcoming Bolzano GTK+ hackfest

On Wed, 2009-02-11 at 07:21 +0000, Steve Lee wrote:
> @Flavio - superpowers AND a VIP - yay.

Sheesh!  Don't encourage him guys!  He's hard enough to keep on a leash
as is.  :-)

But in all seriousness, and catching up on this thread.  (Why is it that
all good threads happen when I'm away??)  This revives a goal we've
talked about in the past but haven't really gotten back into, which is
developing a repository of talking points that any of us can grab at a
moment's notice.

I'll definitely make sure this is part of Monday's meeting to discuss.  
A) Preparations for GTK+ Hackfest.  What to talk about, who to work on
this with Flavio? (I find two heads better than one in developing talks
for an audience)

B) General talking points repository to cover variety of audiences
whether it be technical, developmental, marketing, end-user, etc.  I
would very much like to see us start to put together a collection of
slide presentations, which can be checked out by anyone.  This will
enable more people to speak effectively on a11y topics.
Bryen Yunashko

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