Re: Ideas for upcoming Bolzano GTK+ hackfest

Is there a potential schedule for the hackfest yet? Things of obvious interest would be any new visual components being added, proposed changes to existing widgets (including keyboard navigation), etc.


Flavio Percoco Premoli wrote:
I was about to say this...

We need to do some meetings to discuss about the things we should talk in this hackfest.

I'm asking around looking for sugestions/features and other things that should be present in the next GTK+ hackfest (all related to a11y)

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Excellent. Let's add this to the agenda for our upcoming weekly #a11y IRC meeting.


Flavio Percoco Premoli wrote:
El mar, 10-02-2009 a las 17:41 -0500, Behdad Esfahbod escribió:
Go ahead and prepare then!

/me marks Favio down for the VIP list :P

GUYS We've work to do....


/ME stops spamming.

Behdad, Thanks a lot for this.

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