Re: Ideas for upcoming Bolzano GTK+ hackfest

El mar, 10-02-2009 a las 17:09 -0500, Willie Walker escribió:
> Flavio - you read my mind:

I didn't want to talk about my superhero powers but it seems like I did

> It sounds like we do need to come up with some important stuff specific 
> to GTK+, though.  But, it would be good to have a11y representation 
> there to listen to the discussions of new additions if that were allowed.

Seriously, I've no problem to be there, I mean, It is in April which
means We can prepare everything and as I said It would be an honour for

IMHO this is a great opportunity to talk about some important a11y GTK+
stuffs. If we/I are/am allowed to be there then we should start
immediately preparing everything. 

Brian, What do you think??

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