Re: Ideas for upcoming Bolzano GTK+ hackfest


Note that the GTK+ hackfest is more focused on issues that relate to
GTK+ and the future of GTK+.  It is probably not a good forum to deal
with issues where applications are not properly implementing GTK+ a11y
features, and other issues which do not relate directly to GTK+.

I have a few things that would be great to get a handle on:

1) - the current solution of using environment variables is deemed distasteful by some, but nobody has been able to offer a better solution. Hackers might try to look at this one hard.

This seems like an issue that would be appropriate to discuss.

2) AT-SPI/D-Bus - the funding deadline is coming up in mid-March. We need people to take a look at this work and evaluate where it is at and what it will take to move it forward. My end goal here is that an assistive technology such as Orca can provide access to both GNOME and KDE apps.

Isn't AT-SPI somewhat separate from GTK+?  I thought AT-SPI was supposed
to be widget-set neutral.  Isn't the AT-SPI migration to D-Bus somewhat
orthogonal to GTK+ planning?  What specific GTK+ related issues do you
see needing attention in relation to this work?

3) Evince a11y - Behdad might be working on getting something going with this, but any effort scoping out the problem would be great. The end goal here is provide decent access to PDF documents.

Are there limitations in the GTK+ widget set that prevent evince a11y
from moving forward, or is this really an issue with the evince
application itself not implementing a11y features properly?  The
hackfest may be a good opportunity to discuss some ideas about this
issue, but it seems a bit off topic to me.

4) WebKit a11y - while not GNOME per se, it would be great to take a look at where they are and try to connect with any WebKit folks that might be there. The end goal here is to make sure WebKit is accessible and/or at least get the WebKit developers on the path to accessibility.

Again, I am not sure how this relates directly to GTK+.  Does it?

I think we would need to focus more on GTK+ specific issues to warrant
bringing these topics up at a GTK+ hackfest.  For example, it might
be an appropriate place to discuss the future of libgail or ATK.  For
example, it would be a good forum for discussing how to address adding
a11y support to GTK+ widgets that don't support them yet.  Toolbars are
an example of a widget that does not support a11y, and perhaps now might
be a time to address that.

It might be good if someone on the a11y team were to review
a11y-specific GTK+ bugs to see what issues might be good to discuss.
I notice 32 "gtk+" bugs with the "accessibility" keyword.  Issues like:


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