Re: Orca on laptops.

Hi Will.

> "Damn computer!  I'm looking for the enormously large collection of
> books on 'GNOME', not 'gnome'.  Why doesn't this Caps Lock key work?  My
> life is ruined.  Down with Orca users!  Kill them all!  They must die!
> Take their babies, too!".

And folks say libraries -- and Hollis -- are boring.... ;-)

> Here's a patch, however, that helps save the lives of innocent Orca
> users.  It rolls in the previous patch and adds a little save/restore
> logic to the script that starts orca.  It's not perfect, but it's
> better.

Do we need "perfection"?  This patch seems to accomplish exactly what we
need, namely enabling us to use Caps Lock as a modifier and restoring
that key's functionality upon quitting Orca.  Very, very cool!

Take care.

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