Re: Orca on laptops.

Tomas Cerha writes ("Re: Orca on laptops."):
> Hello, I'm using CapsLock as another Ctrl key.  It is configurable
> through Gnome keyboard properties dialog (before it was there I used a
> modified xkb layout to achieve that).  Without any deeper knowledge, I'd
> assume that this is not a hardware feature, when one is able to remap
> the key easily.  Just a hint... Best regards, Tomas.

Indeed, The caps lock key can easily be remapped. I for example use it
as another Control key, because it is more easily reachable than the
one in the bottom left corner of the keyboard. There are plenty of
HowTos on the web that explain how to remap this key both under X and
the Linux console. The locking behaviour is therefore certainly not a
property of the hardware. CapsLock is just like any other key.

The AltGr key is not suitable as a general modifier key for orca on
many international keyboard layouts. It is needed on some layouts to
type characters as common as @ \ | [ ] { } ~ and '.

I would therefore say that CapsLock is the more suitable choice of the
two as a default orca modifier key on laptops.

Best regards, Lukas

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