Re: Orca on laptops.

Willie Walker wrote:

> If this constraint is acceptable, I think we're done.  If the majority
> of users are adamant about obtaining normal Caps Lock behavior via some
> other gesture on the same key (e.g., a quick double press of Caps Lock),
> well, we'll need to think about it.  If users say that kind of thing is
> a "nice to have", however, I'd prefer we note it as a future enhancement
> and not over engineer at this point.
> I'd also like everyone to keep the other bigger picture in mind: even
> with our generous community members helping, we're a small team and each
> feature (even the hours spent discussing the feature) has an opportunity
> cost.  For example, I'm engaged in this discussion right now versus
> focusing on Firefox accessibility.  Mike is engaged in documenting this
> discussion instead of focusing on other important aspects of the Orca
> design.  Bill is engaged in this discussion instead of focusing on high
> priority AT-SPI implementation problems.

I'd like to just say "go forth and fix Firefox accessibility" as that's
what most interests /me/, but I feel I have to be responsible and point
out that when a slightly jokey proposal to eliminate caps lock once and
for all was laid before the Slashdot hordes it was rapidly revealed that
certain corporate situations required data entry all in capitals:

See for example this comment on that submission:

I'm not sure if that makes access to normal caps lock behaviour a "must
have" or a "nice to have". As far as I can see, it's not as crucial as
effective web access, but that may be my bias talking.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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