Re: Orca on laptops.

Hi Will.  

> If this constraint is acceptable, I think we're done.  

I think you're done.   The functionality provided via the most recent
patch (i.e. the one in which Caps Lock gets restored when you quit Orca)
works very nicely.   Thanks for doing it!

Regarding an alternative way to have full Caps Lock functionality while
using Orca:

> well, we'll need to think about it.  If users say that kind of thing is
> a "nice to have", however, I'd prefer we note it as a future enhancement
> and not over engineer at this point.  

It's a "nice to have" thing that should go into an RFE and marked as
FUTURE.  We need all of the things you've listed (especially compelling
Firefox access) far more.   For now, we can just hold down Shift as we
type. :-)

> the proposed solution acceptable?  


> Eeks!  I hope I can get this mail out to help prevent a storm.  I mean
> "Caps Lock" would be the default for laptop use and "Insert" would be
> the default for normal desktop use.

That sounds great.

Take care.

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