Re: Orca on laptops.

Hi All:

I don't think there's a need to map an existing X modifier to the Orca
modifier.  Orca invents its own modifier internally and allows any key
to act as the Orca modifier.  That's why Insert and KP_Insert can act as
the Orca modifier key.  As such, I'm not sure "which modifier" is an
important discussion to have.


> I think we need to resolve this second issue (i.e. of what _modifier_ we 
> use for orca) before dealing with the first issue (i.e. what physical 
> key we wish to assign that modifier to).  As I said originally, we only 
> have a few modifiers to choose from, whatever physical keys we wish to 
> map them to.  From X.h, we have:
> Shift
> Lock
> Control
> Mod1  (usually Alt)
> Mod2  (usually 'Meta' ?)
> Mod3  (usually NumLock?)
> Mod4  (Windows or Menu key, depends on the xkb map)
> Mod5  (not sure about this one, either Windows or Menu key on some maps)
> I suppose we could use 'Meta', provided we don't mind remapping some 
> physical key in existing keymaps, since it doesn't seem to be widely 
> used on PC laptops these days.
> The API call which should be used to determine how a particular keysym 
> maps to a particular modifier bit (for Mod1 through Mod5)  looks like this:
> meta_mask = XkbKeysymToModifiers (display, XK_Meta_L);
> Note that in theory left and right versions of the 'Meta','Control', 
> etc. keysyms could be mapped to different mask bits.
> best regards,
> Bill
> > Best regards, Lukas
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