Re: Getting libgnome* into shape - getting productive

On 28Aug2001 10:49AM (+0200), Martin Baulig wrote:
> Hi guys,
> so, let's get productive on this issue.
> I released a frozen version of libgnome and libgnomeui two weeks ago and now we're
> in a big mess. For me, the only logical way to solve this is to and my plan for today is:
> a) revert all of libgnome and libgnomeui back to 1.102.0 "Roswell".
>    This is a 15 minutes job which I can do later on, it's mostly removing all the
>    newly added files and reverting back the's and such.

Hi Martin,

Since your frozen release was accompanied by a list of exceptions, and
since the list of API changes planned by the current libgnome*
developers is reasonably finite, and a number of them are done
already, I don't think it's fair to say that lignome[ui] was frozen
before, and now is not. I think it's in more or less the same state -
the new maintainer just has a slightly different idea of what
remaining changes are needed than you did.

I have to say that I don't really want to see gnome-libs end up in
endless code churn of people changing things back and forth. But it
seems like the current team has a clear plan and is executing on it.
So I think we're better off helping to make sure the plan is a
reasonable one, and that they actually follow it and don't add new
items for weeks on end than to try to fight it like this.

 - Maciej

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