Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

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Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes:

> > *  finish gnomedruid stuff (jrb)
> Could someone please explain the scope of and need for these changes?

All the API changes have been made (modulo property additions).  The
scope is simply to update the look of the widget to be less broken.

> > *  help stuff (jrb is working on a proposal)
> This sounds like a large item which has the potential to blow out the
> release.

It's a smallish item that has the potential to blow out the release. (-:
I don't think anyone thinks the help system we currently have is
acceptable, and we need to replace it for gnome-2.  It's worthy of
another mail, though...

> > *  bring back gnome-score (non-deprecated)
> I suggest this be moved to a separate games library in the gnome-games
> package. It seems silly to have it in libgnomeui. 

Is that as silly as it is to have a 1 widget library in gnome-games?
I personally would like to see the number of libraries in GNOME go down.

> > *  bring back gnome-config (non-deprecated, but with a big
> >    comment explaining when it's appropriate to be used)
> >    (done, the comment needs to be put in place)
> When is it appropriate to be used? It sounds like we have three
> non-deprecated config systems now!

Backwards compat; human readable config file (similar to what's used in
gdm); migrating older configurations and parsing desktop files mostly.
It will unfortunately still be called gnome_config, but shouldn't be
really used as a config format.

> > *  finish gnome-about (anders)
> Can someone provide more detail/justification? Why not just roll back
> to the GNOME 1 version?

These aren't API changes at this point, just UI improvements.

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