Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

My comments:

First of all, some of these items should have more discussion before
they get done. I don't think you guys should just go off and hack
stuff without wider discussion, at least without more discussion.

Second, I think deprecating with an ifdef instead of a separate
library is pretty reasonable, I never was quite clear on why the
separete compat library helped.

Now on to the individual items.

On 26Aug2001 02:02PM (-0700), George wrote:
> *  bring back entries, remove selectors non-deprecated (george, anders)
>    (done: gnome-entry, gnome-file-entry)
>    (not-done: gnome-pixmap-entry, gnome-icon-entry)

Sounds OK.
> *  finish gnomedruid stuff (jrb)

Could someone please explain the scope of and need for these changes?
> *  s/bonobo_config/gconf/

There better be a good justification for this
> *  gnome-mdi 1.0, re-port, deprecated (george)
> *  GnomeApp and friends, bring back non-deprecated
>    using bonobo-dock and gtk-dialog
>    (partly done)

This sounds OK.
> *  help stuff (jrb is working on a proposal)

This sounds like a large item which has the potential to blow out the
> *  deprecated:  gnome-dialog, gnome-propertybox (george)

What about Michael's concerns about the PropertyBox API?

Also, is there a sane way to do an instant-apply PropertyBox
(i.e. with onyl a Close button?)
> *  deprecated:  gnome-stock, gnome-pixmap
> *  punt: gnome-geometry, gnome-winhints, gnome-preferences,
>    gtkpixmapmenuitem

Sounds good.
> *  bring back gnome-triggers, gnome-sound (non-deprecated)
>    (done)

I suggest these be deprecated or removed, despite the lack of an
alternative. Why? Because desktop sounds are a lame feature that
should not be used anyway.
> *  bring back gnome-score (non-deprecated)

I suggest this be moved to a separate games library in the gnome-games
package. It seems silly to have it in libgnomeui. 
> *  bring back gnome-config (non-deprecated, but with a big
>    comment explaining when it's appropriate to be used)
>    (done, the comment needs to be put in place)

When is it appropriate to be used? It sounds like we have three
non-deprecated config systems now!
> *  bring mostly back gnome-i18n (non-deprecated)
>    (done)

Sounds fine.
> *  finish gnome-about (anders)

Can someone provide more detail/justification? Why not just roll back
to the GNOME 1 version?

 - Maciej

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