Re: Getting libgnome* into shape - getting productive

You too are the ex and present maintainer of libgnome, so you will have to
figure out the solution, preferably one that gives a usable library that
actually builds, as opposed to the mess that is in the cvs. 

It's good to hear though that we are suddenly in the state where people
objecting to changes to the platform actually has a weight. Hopefully it's
not just purely a function of who they are.

On 28 Aug 2001, Martin Baulig wrote:

> Anders Carlsson <andersca gnu org> writes:
> > I don't see how you can say that it's a big mess. We've only brought
> > back some old files from libgnome-compat and put them back to where I
> > think they belong.
> And that's the problem.
> You did a larger change to the GNOME 2 platform without prior discussion
> and agreement.
> Just in case you already forgot it:
> contains an API frozen set of all the core libraries which we assembled about
> two weeks. We had clear rules - rules that apply for all of us - and one of
> these rules was that we have a freeze and this means that even if you're the
> maintainer, you cannot just go ahead and do a major change in the GNOME 2.0
> platform without asking.
> And if you look at your posting to gnome-2-0 list, there were actually three
> people who even OBJECTED to the changes you did: Michael Meeks, Joe Shaw and me.
> We're in a freeze - and three people said no to your proposed changes - but you
> did them anyway.
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