Getting libgnome* into shape


Anders, Jonathan and I have been discussing what to do to bring libgnome*
into shape quickly.  Our current thoughts are that this could be finished
within a fortnight and then frozen.  What this consists of is mostly rolling
back some changes and bringing back things that went away for the moment,
until viable replacements are finished.  Another thing that we try to
accomplish here is to ease the porting pains.  Stuff that is marked
deprecated is stuff that has viable replacements for all it's major
functions, but is not trivial to port.  Stuff that could be candidate for
deprecating but doesn't yet have viable replacements is not deprecated yet.
Only stuff that is rarely used or has simple to port replacements is being
removed.  We'd love to hear opinions and to perhaps get some help to better
divide this into tasks and file into bugzilla.

*  bring back entries, remove selectors non-deprecated (george, anders)
   (done: gnome-entry, gnome-file-entry)
   (not-done: gnome-pixmap-entry, gnome-icon-entry)

*  finish gnomedruid stuff (jrb)

*  s/bonobo_config/gconf/

*  gnome-mdi 1.0, re-port, deprecated (george)

*  GnomeApp and friends, bring back non-deprecated
   using bonobo-dock and gtk-dialog
   (partly done)

*  help stuff (jrb is working on a proposal)

*  deprecated:  gnome-dialog, gnome-propertybox (george)

*  deprecated:  gnome-stock, gnome-pixmap

*  punt: gnome-geometry, gnome-winhints, gnome-preferences,

*  bring back gnome-triggers, gnome-sound (non-deprecated)

*  bring back gnome-score (non-deprecated)

*  bring back gnome-config (non-deprecated, but with a big
   comment explaining when it's appropriate to be used)
   (done, the comment needs to be put in place)

*  bring mostly back gnome-i18n (non-deprecated)

*  finish gnome-about (anders)

*  whack libgnome1-compat and use GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED,
   following the gtk+ scheme


	Anders, Jonathan, George

George <jirka 5z com>
   I thoroughly disapprove of duels.  If a man should challenge
   me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and
   lead him to a quiet place and kill him.
                       -- Mark Twain

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