Re: Getting libgnome* into shape - getting productive

On 28 Aug 2001 10:49:58 +0200, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Hi guys,
> so, let's get productive on this issue.
> I released a frozen version of libgnome and libgnomeui two weeks ago and now we're
> in a big mess. For me, the only logical way to solve this is to and my plan for today is:

I don't see how you can say that it's a big mess. We've only brought
back some old files from libgnome-compat and put them back to where I
think they belong.

> a) revert all of libgnome and libgnomeui back to 1.102.0 "Roswell".
>    This is a 15 minutes job which I can do later on, it's mostly removing all the
>    newly added files and reverting back the's and such.

Now I really think this is bad. Martin, you've handed over the libgnome*
maintainership to me now so you can't really expect me to just stand
there while you do stuff without checking with me first, especially
since you're not the maintainer anymore. I've approved all the changes
that's gone into libgnome* since I became the maintainer, it's not like
George committed without me knowing anything about it.

> b) put in the GNOME 1.x selector widgets.
>    This will take some more time, but Anders already volunteered to do so - so I'll leave
>    it up to him to do it.

I've already started working on this, and it's more work for me and
George if we have to deal with CVS conflicts because you've reverted the

andersca gnu org

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