[Glade-users] two easy-to-implement glade interface suggestions

On Sat, Oct 16, 2004 at 11:47:37AM -0600, Neil Zanella wrote:
Concerning the current implementation, there are several situations where the
following scenario takes place: I have several windows scattered all over my
desktop, usually two mozilla windows and 22 or so glade windows (which I
should be closing, but nevertheless, you get the idea, my desktop ends up
being cluttered...

Now I want to bring up the property editor: so I need to click on
View -> Show Property Editor

Actually, I think it would be nice if the property editor was always
on top. The palette is always on top, but I need to get to the property
editor far more often than the palette.

Christopher Cramer <crayc greatjustice org>
On r�siste � l'invasion des arm�es; on ne r�siste pas � l'invasion
des id�es. -- Victor Hugo

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