[Glade-users] two easy-to-implement glade interface suggestions


In response to Anton Giulio's post:

Suggestion #1:

I was just thinking about the same thing this morning. But really the
best thing is to
take the approach that Macromedia Dreamweaver took when it came out in a new
version two years ago or so. One of its new features allowed you to pick between
a multiple window interface (like glade) and a bunch of dockable
windows (like Qt
designer). So then the user could choose whatever they were more comfortable
with. This is by far the best approach, but most likely would take more time to
implement than the other two suggestions I made.

So, my opinion? If your windows are small, then the Qt designer approach may
seem very natural, but if you've got an application where the windows are more
complex in layout like the one I'm working on, then I'll tell you that I can
can certainly benefit from multiple windows because I really need to use
all the workspace and I don't have time to keep hiding windows like I
need to do in Qt designer. I'd rather just click and have one window
obscure the others beneath when I need it.

Suggestion #2:

Concerning the current implementation, there are several situations where the
following scenario takes place: I have several windows scattered all over my
desktop, usually two mozilla windows and 22 or so glade windows (which I
should be closing, but nevertheless, you get the idea, my desktop ends up
being cluttered...

Now I want to bring up the property editor: so I need to click on
View -> Show Property Editor

Unfortunately, the property editor was already on my desktop, just that
due to clutter I could not see it. So then, I have to do it once more:

View -> Show Property Editor

So I have to click twice. This is expensive (in the sense that the user ends up
spending twice as much time on this as the user should spend). Thus here is
my suggestion on how to speed up this particular aspect of the user interface:

Have a menu that looks like this (half of the fields will be grayed out when the
corresponding widgets are not visible):

[check] Show Palette
            Raise Palette
[check] Show Propery Editor
            Raise Property Editor
[check] Show Widget Tree
            Raise Widget Tree
[check] Show Clipboard
            Raise Clipboard

This will save glade users much time and create a more
pleasant experience for them...



On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 19:23:54 +0200, antongiulio <antongiulio email it> wrote:

I take advantage from this post, to make any suggestions (sorry for my bad english):

Why don't you use a singlewindow for whole glade like qt-designer?? Or use a single column like "dashboard" 
or gimp (2 columns) + user-edit-window (included in a multi-notebook-tab)?? So, I think could be easy 
control many projects contemporary.

I use many times glade and multi windows is uncomfortable (IMHO)


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