[Glade-users] two easy-to-implement glade interface suggestions


I would like to suggest two easy-to-implement suggestions for Glade:

1. In the main Glade window, there are several windows showing up
    as an ordered list. As Glade users such as myself make changes
    to the design, they may like to change the order in which these
    windows appear on the Glade main window. So, what I would
    recommend is:

    a. allow the user to drag these windows up and down so that
        the user may place them in whatever order they prefer.

    b. alternatively, or also, when the user cuts and pastes, just
        paste to the position immediately below the currently
        highlighted window, rather than at the very bottom.

    This can be edited from the XML file of course, but I think it
     is something quite easy to implement, and would be really
     nice to have.

2. Suppose again that a window is highlighted in the main
    Glade window (again I am referring to the Glade window
    with menubar, toolbar, and status bar). When I then
    click on View -> Property Editor, it is all grayed out /
    disabled. Glade should be emitting a signal from the
    menu selection which causes a slot in the child window
    to look up if there are any selections in the main window
    and if so update itself accordingly.

    Right now I keep working around this bug by selecting
    another window, then selecting the original window, after
    the "Properties" window has been made to show up.

I would like to say Glade is a really nice very well thought

out tool to work with, perhaps we can make it even better.

Thank you for Glade and for your replies, I hope that you

can appreciate my feedback / suggestions,

Best Regards,


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