[Glade-devel] Integrated ui patch

Vincent Geddes wrote:

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 08:18 -0500, Yevgen Muntyan wrote:

It's not a good design, it's monkying gazpacho. Anyway,
I just wanted to make sure that you know about those "10%".
If majority loves single window, then you of course go single

Yes, it is "monkeying" gazpacho (if you say so) and /all/ the other gui
designers that have a single window design. I don't know if you have
noticed, but there aren't exactly many gui designers that have a
multiple window design. 

This is irrelevant because:
1) So what?
2) Glade is there and works fine;
3) Adobe Photoshop is the best graphics ever, and uses single
window design. Its single window thing is still horror (this is about
"others do this");
4) etc.

I am saying that glade is hard to use with single window; you are
saying that this hard-to-use property is everywhere, so glade should
be hard to use too.

I can't think of any myself (besides glade).
KDesigner, Visual Studio, Netbeans, Gazpacho, and Gideon are just
prominent examples of gui designers that use the single window design. I
think that says something about the popularity (and hence usability) of
the single-window design. 

Netbeans, Gazpacho, and Gideon are not "prominent" examples
of anything. And no, it doesn't say anything about popularity.
Something can be popular or not popular if there is a choice.
If there's a choice between two things equivalent in all but one detail,
then you can talk about popularity of that one detail. But come on,
how can you say that single-window is popular because KDesigner
is used a lot? Of course KDesigner is used by all KDE folks, it's
the only kde ui designer. And of course no one would rewrite
a thing written by *QT* just because he wants fancier windows.
And, let me guess, QT uses single-window because it's how it
should be on Windows. Not because of some usability studies
or some "popularity".

Right now that 10% is you alone. No one else has come to us to voice
dissatisfaction with the new design. Hopefully, this thread will
encourage others to come forward to voice their concerns.

*Users* do not read this list. *Developers* are likely to like any
fancy stuff they see.

But I wonder, have someone actually tried to work with such
UI? I did, in gazpacho, and it sucked. You can't use glade
right now because of fancy bugs with click-does-nothing.
So people "commented" on how it looks, not on the actual


Yes, thats right, we are now in unstable development. If you want to use
glade3 for production use, please use the glade3 3.0.2 stable
release :).

You didn't address the point here - no one commented on
*usability* of single window layout. I questioned "10%" percents
thing (not that I think majority likes multiple windows, I also
heard many people have resolution bigger than 1024x768).

Heh, "excellent". Well, let's call gdl excellent or even usable. Still,
it has nothing to with glade, right? So, we can snip last two
paragraphs, and stick to 10% thing.


I was mentioning it as a possible solution to your valid concerns about
the shortcomings of the new ui (namely the inflexibility of the tree and
props editor).

It is not a possible solution, because glade will not depend on gdl,
or will it?


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