[Glade-devel] Integrated ui patch


This patch is a great leap for us in improving the usability and general
ui bling of glade. 

All the functionality in the glade3 child windows (palette, props
editor, etc) is now integrated into one main window. In addition, the
toplevel widgets in a glade project are now displayed in this main
window instead.

New classes:

GladeDesignLayout (GtkBin subclass)
  lays an embedded widget out onto a white backgrounds and draws a 
  border around it. It also allow the user to resize the embedded
  widget interactively with a mouse.

GladeDesignView (GtkVBox subclass):
  Links a project to a GladeDesignLayout. We need this functionality
  so that IDE developers, for each project, can put a unique
  GladeDesignLayout into a GtkNotebook.
  I am not really sure about the design of this class. We need to
  look over it.


2006-10-25  Vincent Geddes <vincent.geddes at gmail.com>

        * src/glade-project-window.c: 
          o integrate ui into one main window.
          o A GtkNotebook is used to display GladeDesignView's.
        * src/glade-project-view.[ch]: add "item-activated" signal.
        * src/glade-design-layout.[ch], src/glade-design-view.[ch]: 
          new files.
        * src/glade-widget.[ch]:
          o Added functions for embedding toplevel GladeWidgets
          o glade_widget_show() modified to manage embedding of



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