[Glade-devel] Integrated ui patch

vgeddes at metroweb.co.za wrote:

Yevgen Muntyan wrote:

While I'm on it, here is main thing why single window is not
good: http://munt.mine.nu:8080/files/glade-sucks.png - you can't expand
the properties window and widget tree; and note that the window is
maximized, so I can't click anything behind it.


Yevgen, most people who have commented on the new ui are excited by it,
and think it is a good step forward. Which group do we satisfy? the ~90%
who like the the new design or the ~10% who don't?

It's not a good design, it's monkying gazpacho. Anyway,
I just wanted to make sure that you know about those "10%".
If majority loves single window, then you of course go single
But I wonder, have someone actually tried to work with such
UI? I did, in gazpacho, and it sucked. You can't use glade
right now because of fancy bugs with click-does-nothing.
So people "commented" on how it looks, not on the actual

With regard to your concerns about the constraints on the props editor
and tree, I think the excellent libgdl docking widgets can satisy that
problem. Then one can simply drag out the props editor into a window of
it's own, and then expand it as much as one likes. As such, with libgdl
it would be very possible to emulate the old multiple-window glade.

However, we can't use the libgdl library as it is above gtk+ in the
stack and as it seems to be orientated towards the needs of the Anjuta
developers. I am very keen on working on gdl though, towards the goal of
making it suitable for our needs.

Heh, "excellent". Well, let's call gdl excellent or even usable. Still,
it has nothing to with glade, right? So, we can snip last two
paragraphs, and stick to 10% thing.

Best regards,

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