[Glade-devel] Integrated ui patch

Yevgen Muntyan wrote:
While I'm on it, here is main thing why single window is not
good: http://munt.mine.nu:8080/files/glade-sucks.png - you can't expand
the properties window and widget tree; and note that the window is
maximized, so I can't click anything behind it.

Yevgen, most people who have commented on the new ui are excited by it,
and think it is a good step forward. Which group do we satisfy? the ~90%
who like the the new design or the ~10% who don't?

With regard to your concerns about the constraints on the props editor
and tree, I think the excellent libgdl docking widgets can satisy that
problem. Then one can simply drag out the props editor into a window of
it's own, and then expand it as much as one likes. As such, with libgdl
it would be very possible to emulate the old multiple-window glade.

However, we can't use the libgdl library as it is above gtk+ in the
stack and as it seems to be orientated towards the needs of the Anjuta
developers. I am very keen on working on gdl though, towards the goal of
making it suitable for our needs.



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