[Glade-devel] Integrated ui patch

Vincent Geddes wrote:

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 08:18 -0500, Yevgen Muntyan wrote:

It's not a good design, it's monkying gazpacho. Anyway,
I just wanted to make sure that you know about those "10%".
If majority loves single window, then you of course go single

Yes, it is "monkeying" gazpacho (if you say so) and /all/ the other gui
designers that have a single window design. I don't know if you have
noticed, but there aren't exactly many gui designers that have a
multiple window design. I can't think of any myself (besides glade).
KDesigner, Visual Studio, Netbeans, Gazpacho, and Gideon are just
prominent examples of gui designers that use the single window design. I
think that says something about the popularity (and hence usability) of
the single-window design. 

Right now that 10% is you alone. No one else has come to us to voice
dissatisfaction with the new design. Hopefully, this thread will
encourage others to come forward to voice their concerns.

Just to make this clear - we are trying to redisign the GUI to make
it better and more usable - we are not doing this as an excersize
to conform to every other similar app on the planet just for
conformity's sake - lets be open minded, value consistancy where
it counts - and be innovative at the same time.


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