[Glade-devel] Re: strcmp in glade-xml-utils [was: ShortCuts]

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Yes, I will. I hate warnings :)

I already fix that, but what about when we need to cast a xmlChar into a
gchar as in claim_string() ?

We could define a new cast

#define CAST_BAD (gchar *)

Just the oposite of what BAD_CAST does ? I think that sounds
good to me.

there should be no big problem since gchar and xmlChar are both UTF-8

I really do not know what is the cleaner way to solve this:
 * leave everything as is it and use these casts everywhere they are
needed or
 * replace xmlChar to gchar and use wrapers for libxml functions

    Well we have to deal with xmlChar types on xml nodes anyway so
we cant just do away with them, also I think it makes more sence
to use xmlStrcmp when comparing strings found in the xml tree.


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