[Glade-devel] glade-3 status report

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Hello everyone!!!!
I finally have an internet connection in my hometown and time to get
into glade3 programing again.
Like always I don't know were to start.
Tristan any clue? :)

Well this list still stands:

      - Deal with dialogs and composite widgets smartly
        (There might not be any big problems aside from bug 155987, but
        the way we handle them and there internal widgets & user added
        children, it needs to be seriously thought out).

      - i18n'ness still needs to be finished (Richard Hult already got a
        great deal done here)

      - Write custom menu editor and toolbar editor (and implement plugin
        entry point for custom editors); this should be alot easier with
        the recent GladeProperty enhancements.

      - Add the rest of the Gtk+ widgets and implement good plugin code
        for them where needed (including the non GtkWidget classes)

      - Add Gnome widget catalog

And I'll add to that:

      - glade-shortcuts.[ch]
        A module to handle "key-press-event" for glade-widgets, widget
        tree, clipboard, project-window etc. implement keyboard shortcuts
        in a complete centralized fashion.

PD: From 20 to 23 November this year there is going to be a big open
source event in Rosario Argentina http://jornadas.ant.org.ar
It could be a nice opportunity to show glade-3 is alive and kicking.

     If we could have a presentation there it would be great, I'm
confident that, with a little effort; we can easily make our first
beta release by then.

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