[Glade-devel] ShortCuts

On Wed, 2005-09-07 at 22:53 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Come to think of it theres another complication; the project window
menubar accelerators are not a part of the libgladeui.so library, so
shortcuts need to be implemented seperately per application using the
glade3 core library.

So what we probably want is for anjuta/glade-project-window to decide what
shortcuts do what in there respective apps and use the glade_shortcuts api
to add shortcuts to the glade windows/runtime widgets.

Yes, this patch works fine.

But maybe it's better to add this api to glade-app.c and then add an
accel_group member to GladeAppPriv instead of using g_object_set_data()
in glade_shortcut_app_get_accel_group().

This way we just provide an automatic way to set a acceleration group
for every window created by glade widgets.
And glade_shortcut_change_entry() would be just a convenience function
since acceleration group management is now in charge of the main
application (anjuta/glade-project-window)

If you think the later approach is nicer, drop me a line. changes should
be trivial to do :D

well hope this helps

Juan Pablo

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