[Glade-devel] ShortCuts

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Hello, this is the final patch!

Hey! I applied the patch and made a couple of modifications:

     - Dont call glade_project_set_accel_group()
       if there is no accel group set (a warning would be issued
       in anjuta if they dont use accelerators otherwise)

     - In glade_app_set_accel_group() we wont assume that no projects
       are currently open, so in that function we loop over
       app->priv->projects and set them accordingly (this way its safe
       to be called after any projects have been loaded).

     One slight "ick" I'm feeling about this is that in
glade_project_set_accel_group() we simply call
gtk_window_add_accel_group() without any thought of removeing any
previously set groups, since I dont think thats really a valid
use case, I'll just file a bugzilla and not worry about that for

Thankyou for your contribution :)


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