[Glade-devel] ShortCuts

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
But maybe it's better to add this api to glade-app.c and then add an
accel_group member to GladeAppPriv instead of using g_object_set_data()
in glade_shortcut_app_get_accel_group().
If you think the later approach is nicer, drop me a line. changes should
be trivial to do :D

    actually I wasn't under the impression that it would be so simple
(I thought we would need to do key-press-event handlers and the whole
nine yards); so in that case, yes; we should add this as an extention
to the glade-app api.

We'll need to touch-up glade-widget.c and remove the key-press-event
handler too since we wont be needing that anymore.

Oh yeah, and it'd be nice if you add ChangeLog entries with your patches
in the future :)


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