[Glade-devel] Hello Menu!!!

On Mon, 2005-10-31 at 12:11 -0500, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
If you can work around the project view for the moment (maybe work
with single menu-bar menu-item selection at first, I dont know if
thats realistic) then I'll try to revamp the project-view code
this weekend.

Yes I can, In fact when I begin with the editor the first thing I did
was to look up the project-view but finally i decided to make a
recursive function that fills a tree model. (it takes no more than ten
The model columns are

TYPE_NAME is a GtkCellRendererCombo  with these options "Normal",
"Image", "Check", "Separator" ("Radio" will be added when the class
loading issue is solved)

The idea is that the editor will let you add, remove, reorder and
change the type of menu items within the tree view. And show the
significant glade properties of the selected item on a side.

The tree view is working fine and now I have to take a decision on the
behavior of the editor, should it be "real time" or have an apply button
as in glade 2 (I prefer the "real time" approach). In both cases I don't
know what will happen with the undo/redo system.

Regardless if you wait on me or not; please let me know what
you think of the plan, this is a good time to "get it right the
first time" :)

I think I don't understand quite well if the only benefit is that we do
not have to build the tree model I think it is not necessary but (there
is always a but) if you are thinking to do so, so the editor tree view
will be updated when something is modified from outside (deleting a
widget from the project-view)... well in that case it is a great idea.


Juan Pablo


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