[Glade-devel] Hello Menu!!!

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Hello this patch adds menu load/save support
It should load any menu create with glade-2.


* GtkRadioMenuItems do not work for now.

Hmmm, do you think this bug is related:
   http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=310143 ?

For some reason, I havent got a dynamic GtkRadioMenuIem group
to function properly.

* Accelerators ???????

* Clicking over a menuitem selects the GladeWidget but do not let the
menuitem be activated except for the first one (middle click works OK)
Any idea?

Hmmm, maybe the logic around glade_widget_retrieve_from_position(); is
borked, just a hunch...

* GktImage: in glade-3 the "file" property is used as the filename
instead of "pixbuf" as is in glade-2 :(
Maybe we are going to need some sort of "alias" property tag to fix

I think that we just need to implement "filename" properties better;
we should have a filechooser button for them... we'll just need to
give it a little thought as to where the file is to be retrieved
by glade-3/Anjuta and where it is to be retrieved by libglade/gtk+.

One other thing I noticed is that GtkImage "type" doesn't seem to be
resolved properly on the load :
(i.e. type = filename || icon theme || stock )

I wonder if I broke that while writing glade-editor-property.c or
maybe you broke it with "GtkImage loading fixes", I'll let you know
after taking a look at the code :-/

* Properties are not set insensitive when a project is loaded.

I dont think I follow; when I have one project open (with a selected
widget) and I load a second project; the selected widget is cleared
and I have nothing in the property editor.

Not related with menus:
It seems project manipulation (load/save open/close) is unstable.
For example, If you close every project and try to save, it will crash.
(active_project is not valid)

Ok, the code should be protected from those crashes; and arguably,
the save/undo/redo buttons should be insensitive when no projects
are loaded.

I'll try to get a fix in today; if I dont have time I'll bugzilla it.

Also if you have more than one project open at the same time and you try
to select some widget from the project view sometimes it crash or widget
properties do not appear in the property editor (they do if you select
the widget itself).

The graphist here at touchtunes has been experiencing similar problems;
but he says that sometimes glade-3 crashes when using left-click
selection on the widgets, he always uses right-click "select" via
the widget tree to avoid crashes. (since we're using a custom toolkit
plugin and the tool is running large/complex projects for long periods
of time and I cant get any steps to reproduce it, its not in bugzilla)

It would be great if you could find out a way to reproduce the crash
consistantly :-/

I'll take a closer look at the actual patch and probably get it into
cvs later on today.


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