[Glade-devel] Hello Menu!!!

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
On Sun, 2005-10-30 at 14:40 -0500, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
I have started with the editor itself and currently I am writing
everything in glade-gtk.c so...
What should I do with  glade-menu-editor.[c/h] ?

* remove them and keep writing everything in glade-gtk.c

That sounds good, lets spike it in glade-gtk.c and depending on
how much code is needed; we could put it all in another file
at the end (also this way we can decide to keep any code that
might be shared with other editors in libgladeui).

I started looking at glade-project-view.c, since I thought it
would be nice to re-use it inside the menu/toolbar editors.

This is what I think needs to be done to dissociate the
project-view code:

     * glade_project_view_selection_changed_cb needs to fire
       a signal on the GladeProjectViewClass to notify the client
       of selection changes (item_selected has been declared in
       the header for this purpose, but we could use a different

     * glade_project_view_item_activated_cb() should also delegate
       action to the client for the same reasons.

     * GladeProjectView should have a method to retrieve the view's
       selection (both for use in editors & glade-app; glade-app
       should use this to update the active project's selection)
       and a method to modify its selection respectivly (in order
       for glade-app to update its view based on the project

     * GladeProjectView needs methods to populate itself with;
       something like gpv_populate_from_project() &
       gpv_populate_from_object(); where _from_project() would do
       what the GladeProjectView usually does & _from_object() would
       take an object and populate the project view with that object
       as the toplevel (i.e. only add the children).

If you can work around the project view for the moment (maybe work
with single menu-bar menu-item selection at first, I dont know if
thats realistic) then I'll try to revamp the project-view code
this weekend.

Regardless if you wait on me or not; please let me know what
you think of the plan, this is a good time to "get it right the
first time" :)


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