[Glade-devel] Hello Menu!!!

Hello this patch adds menu load/save support
It should load any menu create with glade-2.


* GtkRadioMenuItems do not work for now.

* Accelerators ???????

* Clicking over a menuitem selects the GladeWidget but do not let the
menuitem be activated except for the first one (middle click works OK)
Any idea?

* GktImage: in glade-3 the "file" property is used as the filename
instead of "pixbuf" as is in glade-2 :(
Maybe we are going to need some sort of "alias" property tag to fix
* Properties are not set insensitive when a project is loaded.

Not related with menus:
It seems project manipulation (load/save open/close) is unstable.
For example, If you close every project and try to save, it will crash.
(active_project is not valid)
Also if you have more than one project open at the same time and you try
to select some widget from the project view sometimes it crash or widget
properties do not appear in the property editor (they do if you select
the widget itself).


Juan Pablo

PD: There is also the glade-2 project which I use to test. (I replaced
"pixbuf" with "file" in the GtkImage)


2005-10-20  Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte gmail com>

        * src/glade-gtk.c: GtkMenuBar Load/Save Support.
          GtkImage loading fixes. glade_gtk_image_set_icon_name(),

        * widgets/gtk+.xml: New classes. GtkMenuItem GtkCheckMenuItem
          GtkImageMenuItem and GtkSeparatorMenuItem.

        * src/glade-builtins.c: Added glade_standard_boolean_spec()

        * src/glade-project-window.c: Added About icon.

        * src/glade-widget.c: in glade_widget_button_press()
          glade_widget_retrieve_from_position() can return NULL,
          added check.
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