[Gimp-user] Wacom pens with rotation supported ?

Clearly the Wacom support on Windows is inadequate. Whether it's
GIMP's or Windows' or GTK+'s fault, I don't know, but the GIMP
developers certainly know. Look at the two different states of the
Input Devices dialog I attach to this message.

I'd like to, but i see no attached images ! Where can i find them ?
I see no image in the message, and no link to them.

Good to know that the developpers know about that. I know there are plans to move to GTK3, maybe that'll 
solve the issue.

The various Wacom pens are not specifically detected by the input
device support, since when I took the two attached sceenshots, I was
not even using the tablet. And the Wheel line is present for all Wacom
components, including the eraser, the cursor (i.e., the Wacom mouse),
and the pad.

I'd like to see that screenshot !

That's a version of Ubuntu much too old. GIMP 2.8 does not work with
11.04, and I understand that having it to work with 11.10 needs a
little preliminary work. With 12.04, it's directly accessible via
apt-get or similar tools.

Understood. I will burn an iso for the new LTS version. But nevertheless, I've started gimp on that old 
ubuntu, and i had more input devices than on Windows...

I'm going to look at wacom forums too...

Gwenouille (via gimpusers.com)

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