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Also, the old way of forcing a user to bypass a warning message every time
he/she wants to save to the loaded format is (workflow-wise) much worse
than just learning the "Export" hotkey imho. Also, it's clearly not a
"flaw"; it's not broken, it's working as intended.
If there were a vote, I'd vote to keep it the new way (and I process a very
very high volume of product photos with GIMP). I reckon people are more
likely to complain about a change in UI conventions than praise it... so
here's one praising it. How many theoretical user votes is that worth? ;)

That's it! I'm a long-time user of Gimp (this is not an excuse for
being right when arguing :-P), and even if I got hurt twice or thrice with
the Save as vs Export change, I quickly decided to think about the good
reasons for this change, accepted them (and changed the hotkey to
export with Ctrl S - hah, I quite never save as .xcf when I process
photos, I only use the .xcf storing when I work on graphical

To bring my 2 cents WRT the exchange between Alexandre and A. da Mek,
I think that it's very different/difficult to get feedback from users
when you don't sell a product more or less directly and distribute it a
passive way (downloads on a website for instance). Alexandre is right
(and I well know this, being part of commercial and open source
projects for more than 15 years), generally the only guys you hear are
the ones who make more noise than the silent ones; and the noisy guys
are most of the time the angry ones, specifically the ones with a
expansive character and an egocentric/narrow way of thinking. A pain in
the *ss to deal w/ user support sometimes, a bigger pain when users
come from Windows userland (or other kind of dumb users).

I saw the Save as vs Export thing discussed in many places but it has
been well explained and every time it made sense to people who were
asking why, it's just difficult for some guys to understand that the
file format in GIMP is xcf and that jpg/tif/etc. are exports, exactly
like in *office, where odt is the file format and PDF an export for

The other very important (to my eyes) point when dealing w/ usability
is something that may shut the mouth of angry birds:
"people" (including me) were complaining about the multiple-window GUI
scheme in Gimp 2.6, and for years. Gimp developers finally added a
single-window GUI scheme. Isn't that quite a compromise and acceptation
from them to (optionally) comply with "standards" and user requests
when they make sense?


On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine <
alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:  

On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 3:20 PM, A. da Mek wrote:  
How can we know how many of them there is, if they simply downgrade to
and do not bother to discuss it somewhere?  

One of the first things I learned when I was in the marketing and PR
business is that unhappy customers do complain. A lot.  

A producer of a commercial product gets the complaints from the customers
who paid for that product and are nor satisfied with it. He does not  
know if  
there are any customers who were aware of the flaws of his product  
before they bought it, and so they simply decided to buy another product.  

This is simply not how it really works.

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