Re: [Gimp-developer] Reg:Usuage of the Gimp for my Organization

On 09/18/15 09:34 PM, C R wrote:
It's odd and strange to walk into FOSS world form the
corporate one. I want to get these companies (and professional users) up
and going quickly with GIMP as fast and easily as possible,
It would be great for new users to know that they can actually, actively change the product they are using. By reporting bugs, supporting bug fixing and financing it, reporting/suggesting RFE's that they can support by paying to be done, and otherwise be included in the user and developer community on equal basis. That could really show how more valuable and better TCO they get by actively using and participating in GIMP and other projects, where biggest value is participation and investing in maintenance and new features.

There is always an idea of having also supported payed for GIMP releases with support contracts but that needs to be separate entity/organization.

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