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On 09/25/2015 11:26 AM, Pat David wrote:

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 8:47 AM Elle Stone
<ellestone ninedegreesbelow com <mailto:ellestone ninedegreesbelow com>>

    It would be nice if officially hosted GIMP tutorials could be modified
    to include notes about "technically correct" vs "what can actually be
    done using GIMP 2.8".

There's a balance that should be struck, in my opinion, where we want to
put forth technically correct information while still maintaining
accessibility and readability for a possibly non-technical audience.
Striking that balance is one of the reasons I am trying to update
tutorials and present information in a hopefully approachable manner
while not being too overwhelming.

As such, I'd happily accept patches to any material :).

Is there a explanation of how to make patches to existing tutorials posted somewhere?

Also, I don't mind adding the "technically correct" disclaimer to the
tutorials mentioned.  Rather than linking offsite to your reference
article, perhaps you could consider licensing it and the images
liberally for us to include it on the site?

Let's discuss that off list - I suspect the balance you mention between accessbile/readable and technically correct might require some rewriting to make the article suitable for use as an officially-hosted GIMP tutorial.

The "decompose, drag, and drop" method *almost* works in GIMP 2.9.

It would be possible (if the devs are willing) to make a small change in how GIMP handles the decomposed LAB layer stack, that would make the LAB layer stack display accurately, and would also make "decompose, drag, and drop" work perfectly. And then the GIMP 2.8 tutorials would work perfectly for GIMP 2.9. In which case one way to comment on the "LAB Lightness" portion of the tutorials for 2.8 would be to say "Given limitations of 8-bit editing blah blah blah. Here's what you *do* get with 2.8, and here's what you *should* get. Use 2.9/2.10 for accurate results."

I will file a bug against the new site for this exact purpose and
reference this thread so I remember to add it (I've already moved quite
past the referenced articles, so will need a reminder to come revisit this).

I'll gladly help set up the build environment if you wanted to help
transfer articles! :)

Hmm, tempting, but I'd just end up not having the time to really do much. However, if you like, given that nice list of hosted tutorial links you've put together, I'll be happy to read through all of them to see whether there are other "color management/technical accuracy" issues, and I can work on contributing patches for those specific issues.


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