Re: [Gimp-developer] Reg:Usuage of the Gimp for my Organization

On 9/17/15, srikanth <srikanth-kavarthapu kobelconet com> wrote:
Dear All,

Thank You very Much for the information.

Of course GPL license is about source code and Binaries can have
another license,
In this case, binaries are also leaved freely to use and distribute.

This are my thoughts based on free software source license:
Binaries (running program) can be made by anyone using source code
license rights,
and distributed under terms and conditions of whatever one likes.

Source code and ability to change, compile and produce product yourself,
gives you the ability to treat both source and binary program as it
_is_ truly yours:
If you compile and make binaries by yourself, it IS yours.
That is the power that free software on source level license gives
you. (GNU GPL)

If you distribute (with changing source code) binary product to other
you are obliged by the source license to also relay them changed
source code, too,
so the program continues to live.

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