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The point of the intro is not to advise them of ALL their rights in one
paragraph. That's what the GNU license page is for, and also the FOSS link.
Those are complete references to all their rights under the GPL, and they
are included as links in this intro. So filling in the gaps with quick
information solves immediate (question) problems in a way that dumping an
entire page of legal jargon doesn't. :) We want our new users to feel safe
using the software, and companies asking to use GIMP need to be told that
they can do so clearly, and it will not affect their business in a negative
way. You would be surprised how skittish companies are with licensing
concerns. If it even LOOKS like it will cost them in terms of potential
lawsuits, they will gladly go back to buying industry-trusted software
packages. Strangely, we need to fill a gap in trust that is created by
people not having to buy the software. The reason for this is we are
conditioned to expect to have to buy everything, and if it's free, there's
always some catch. It's odd and strange to walk into FOSS world form the
corporate one. I want to get these companies (and professional users) up
and going quickly with GIMP as fast and easily as possible, because it
helps GIMP will become an industry standard tools. What we have gives them
just enough information to get them going fast. That's the information you
want on an intro page. Once they decide the software fits their needs, they
will  be more willing to explore the other advantages of the software in
terms of modifying it, etc. Even this is mentioned in the intro, so it's
not as if it's left out. :)


On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 8:08 PM, Nikola M <minikola gmail com> wrote:

On 09/18/15 08:38 PM, C R wrote:

  what they want to know (use case) is not covered by
the license in the first place.

It is not enough to just give them use case and a binary license.
They must be informed on their rights and have option to display also
source license.
It is requirement for distribution under GPL.

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