Re: [Gimp-developer] Reg:Usuage of the Gimp for my Organization

On 09/18/15 07:10 PM, Gez wrote:
I wonder if saying that the only license pertains to the source code.
I'd say that the binaries are also covered by the license, since you
are obligued to make the source code available when you distribute the

Source code is covered and source changes, if binaries are distributed.
But binaries itself can have whatever licence one wants, if source and source changes are available.
That is exactly what this thread is about - there is the difference.

If one wants to change binary license of it's own build, one can change brending and release changed source.
Every user has same power to release binaries if wants to learn building it.
That is why there is so much different Linux distros with all builded packages around.

But centralised development and binary releasing has it's reasons for sanity checks, per-patch audit, chain of trust and keeping brending together with the quality control in one place, to be used by many with confidence.

GPL requires that user of binaries be informed about their rights as user and rights to source and changes. So it is not enough to just display binary license to user. That is because per license there are no users and developers, everyone has same rights. That difference is imposed by the need for centralizing projects and personal abilities.

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