Re: [Gimp-developer] Crash with Print simulation

On 09/18/2015 01:59 PM, Gez wrote:
El vie, 18-09-2015 a las 13:56 -0400, Elle Stone escribió:

Hmm, hopefully it was implied by the post topic, but in
"Edit/Preferences/Color Management" pick "Print simulation" as the
of operation".

Yes, it was clear. But now that you mention it, does the "color proof"
display filter produce the same crash?

The "color proof" display filter doesn't have the option to enable the LCMS gamut check to show which colors are out of gamut. So one of the three items in the combination isn't met, so the crash isn't triggered.

As an aside for anyone who doesn't already know this, when using the color proof display filter, in Preferences/Color Management the "Mode of operation" should be set to "Color Managed" or else you are double soft proofing, that is, chaining on the effects of additional soft proofing profiles. At least that's what it looks like is happening. And yes, if you use the color proof display filter AND enable "Print simulation" in Preferences, including the gamut check, then GIMP crashes.

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