Re: [Gimp-developer] Reg:Usuage of the Gimp for my Organization

El vie, 18-09-2015 a las 14:10 -0300, Gez escribió:

"The program itself is governed by the terms of the GNU General
License (GPL) which ensures that users have freedom to use the
with any purpose, study and modify its source code and share
modifications to the community. You are allowed and encouraged to
the program with your friends and colleagues, install it in your
or organization and use it for any purpose.
If you're planning to modify the program and re-distribute it with
modifications, make sure that you make the source code available too.
That's the only obligation required by the license.
Follow [this link] if you need more information abut the GNU General
Public License."

I missed the "no warranty" bit. Is it really necessary? If yes, why?
Is it some required legal waiver or just a kind way of saying "don't
blame us if something went wrong and you lose your work"?

Personally I find that kind of stuff really unnecessary. It's like
making an excuse in advance: "look, it may fail, don't blame us".
If someone wants to sue you I don't think the "no warranty" claim will
make any difference. But seriously, who would do that?

I've been working with software for 20 years, I've lost count of the
times I've lost work because software failed, crashed or froze.
I may or may not cursed the software and its makers when that happened,
but never thought about suing the makers for the half hour of work I
lost because I forgot to hit CTRL+S (or CTRL+E :-p)

That being said, GIMP is probably the most stable software I use, which
makes that remark even more unnecessary.


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