Re: [Gimp-developer] wtf with the download?

On 05/07/2015 09:39 PM, C R wrote:
Yes, and to also force Bittorrent knowledge upon users.

If I were a new user, I'd Google "torrent" and immediately get links for
Pirate Bay and other dodgy stuff... nothing having to do with GIMP. 


The torrent files for GIMP are there to explicitly provide
examples that are different to e.g. movie downloads - to make sure that
this download method is not inherently linked to those.

Thought we were trying to prevent people from going to 3rd party
websites and downloading viruses accidentally. Having to install a
3rd party downloader just to install GIMP is a pretty big hurdle for
a lot of people, and they are likely to encounter lots of dangerous
DOWNLOAD NOW buttons. ;) It takes trust in two different software
packages just to install one program.

Yes, this is a problem - and the current way of linking the Wikipedia
Bittorrent clients list is not as good as linking one particular safe
client for the current platform.

For example, I pondered to go for Deluge for Windows, but didn't want to
remove people's choices in favor of my own personal preference - but if
there is some general agreement on good client options, we may link them

I guess I'd ask: Is it more important to enlighten people (and are we
really doing that, or just scaring them off, or needlessly endangering
them?) about torrents, or is it more important to make the installation of
GIMP as easy and enjoyable as possible?

I suggest a few buttons with gimp icons, themed for the current gimp page,
and table-formatted along with some text explaining what the options
actually do, so you don't have to guess.

Maybe a link to torrent tutorials /help files if the user wants to
enlighten themselves, and we should say right away why torrents help us, so
the user can make an informed choice.

Not sure if we need graphical buttons for that, though, links should do
just fine and end the impatient ones' hunt for the magical "Download" word.

Well, I've been an ass, been diplomatic... now I'm thinking of being lazy.
Anyone wants graphics, let me know. I'm glad to help.

You could also try to provide the patch for the HTML parts - these are
in Git,
- the file name per platform should be obvious, and the HTML is rather

P.S. can you make your mail client reply to the list directly, instead
of cc'ing it?

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