Re: [Gimp-developer] wtf with the download?

El jue, 07-05-2015 a las 20:39 +0100, C R escribió:
Yes, and to also force Bittorrent knowledge upon users.

If I were a new user, I'd Google "torrent" and immediately get links for
Pirate Bay and other dodgy stuff... nothing having to do with GIMP. Thought
we were trying to prevent people from going to 3rd party websites and
downloading viruses accidentally. Having to install a 3rd party downloader
just to install GIMP is a pretty big hurdle for a lot of people, and they
are likely to encounter lots of dangerous DOWNLOAD NOW buttons. ;)
It takes trust in two different software packages just to install one


I guess I'd ask: Is it more important to enlighten people (and are we
really doing that, or just scaring them off, or needlessly endangering
them?) about torrents, or is it more important to make the installation of
GIMP as easy and enjoyable as possible?


Maybe a link to torrent tutorials /help files if the user wants to
enlighten themselves, and we should say right away why torrents help us, so
the user can make an informed choice.

I think we could at least make the experience more pleasant, and we don't
even have to change the options.

You've already answered your own questions yourself :)
Choosing torrents as the primary choice is not a bad choice, and if a
Google search is likely to return things related with the fabricated bad
reputation torrents have, the answer is not removing torrents but
communicating better why bittorrent is the right choice for software
Enlightening people AND making the experience pleasant shouldn't be two
mutually exclusive options.
So yes, keeping the right options and teaking a little how the options
are communicated to users should be enough to avoid misunderstandings.

People who do not read beyond the first line on our downloads page might
not be happy with using GIMP, we might be doing them a favor with the
current setup.

I got scolded for expressing that opinion. Yea, was worded slightly
different, but... lol

Well, I've been an ass, been diplomatic... now I'm thinking of being lazy.
Anyone wants graphics, let me know. I'm glad to help.

I'm a graphic designer like you, but I think this can be solved just by
tweaking the page contents alone. Text styling hierarchy should be
Let's try to come up with a better wording for the options, adding some
short and easy information about the options, and that's it.
If some of those ideas can be communicated better with graphics than
with text, then let's try some graphics.
The "download button" solution has some drawbacks as Michael pointed
out, we should only use it if nothing better comes up.


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