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On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 10:18 AM, Ingo Lütkebohle <iluetkeb gmail com> wrote:

It varies a bit, of course, but 10 is a good ballpark figure, when counting
both plugins and scripts.

In that case, if the intention is to focus on the scripts/plugins more than
anything else, then I feel this might be a reasonable number for a small
team to handle manually.

However... We get about one user registered every five minutes. That is,
between 200 and 300 users a day. And those are the *successful*
registrations, i.e., those that pass the text analysis and the captcha.

This seems to be the root of the spam problem - would we need to have user
accounts in the future?  If we move forward for integration, I think
curated content with no user accounts might be a better option?  (Not sure
here, just getting ideas on paper)

The forum functionality would be stripped, as I am told that there are
other good venues for such things.

That said, we should be aware of the fact that commenting on plugins was
sort of an accident (Drupal has comments on anything by default), but
proved unexpectedly popular. I guess having both the plugin download and a
feedback function in the same place was fairly compelling. A replacement
should take that into account, and offers an easily accessible feedback
method that redirects people to the appropriate place.

Again, this appears to really be the root of the problem.  We could
certainly try allowing comments again on whatever new system (or mod of the
old) occurs.

Well... Yes, I agree, but that's a bit besides the point. This is not about
replacing the back-end. We can replace the back-end at our leisure, of
course, if people want that, but its working right now.

I am talking about replacing the *front-end*, to integrate things more
tightly with the gimp, and improve the user experience. This was a request
that Michael Schumacher made, for example, and that others have also made
in the past.

I agree that this would be fantastic - integration would certainly be a
fantastic path moving forward!  It would just make sense to clean house
overall first to make sure everything was solid before attempting to hook
into GIMP in this fashion (plus - Alexandre makes a good point about
support across all the OS's/bit-depths.

Perhaps a first attempt should be to look at scripts, as they are usually
able to run across OS's without a problem (at least script-fu)?

pat david

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