[Gimp-developer] Posibility to filter fonts


I'm using gimp for quite a while now, and I thought, I know gimp inside out by now :)

So there is a little wish, that most of the users on gimp-werkstatt.de and I have:

Would it be possible, to put a filter to the font-dialog, like there is for brushes, patterns an other resources-dialogs? So you can select a specific variety of font.

For windows there seems to be a possibility to blend out fonts via font-manager, (Here I got the link to that tutorial --> http://www.support-ing.de/2011-03-02/wie-man-ueberfluessige-schriftarten-aus-windows-entfernt/ )

but it looks like it courses some trouble with some displays in Gimp, like the zoom-Icon on the bottom of the work-window in Gimp. I use Linux, and so I haven't tried that tutorial.

It would be great to have a smaller number of fonts to be displayed.

Thanks a lot

and my apologies for the rotton English


Anke Lange
An der Landwehr 25
49076 Osnabrück
Telefon 0541 6004299
gimp-werkstatt gmx de


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