Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp build for Windows

First of all thank you for your interest in GIMP development. You might have noticed that Windows developers are very welcome.
My answers are between your lines.

On 12.01.13 at 10:32 PM pavel wrote:
Regarding the bugs which seem to be fixed in my build, it's perhaps more
my impression than a fact. I quickly checked few of them and could not
reproduce for example 676708, 690749, 658919, 674928 and 691227. So I
concluded that this might be because I have my own builds of the shared
> Anyway, all the issues certainly need deeper investigation.

Closing bugs by quick checks and assumptions is in general no good idea.
Usually we handle not reproducable bugs by telling the reporter so and ask him/her for more details. But if you have news to these particular bugs that help solving them, please feel free to comment them.

I think I
could help you with some of them. I tried to make a fix for 691169
(Japanese characters in the file name) and I have a workaround for the
problem (without the need to modify GLib, although it would deserve some
improvement). It will perhaps not be accepted because it is too much
hack, but I can try it.
You could attach your patch to that bug report and ask for review. Then we all know. Please see also the related bug 522131 [1]. Perhaps you can check and test this, too. This would also help other GLib based applications and thus hit two birds with one stone.

1) How can I submit/propose a patch?

2) Is there any coordinator who would assign bugs to a particular
developer? So that two or more people don't work on the same issue?
2) AFAIK no. Come to (channels #gimp and #gegl). Mostly in the Central European evening hours GIMP developers are there. You find useful information on your questions in the 'Get involved' section [2] of the GIMP website, and the developer wiki [3].

Kind regards,



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