Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp build for Windows

On 09.01.13 at 10:35 AM pavel wrote
> are you still looking for a Windows developer?
Welcome to the club, Pavel ;-)
Your lines about building efforts sound similar to my experiences and I decided to support GIMP on Windows, too. Currently I'm stepping deeper into Windows development for GIMP (besides other things).

> Today I quickly went through the list of Windows related bugs and it
> looks like lots of them have gone.
Hmm, that sounds new to me. Together with mainly Michael Schumacher I lately checked nearly all bugs and reduced the amount of open Windows bugs down to approx. 40%. The open bugs you see now are yet open to be fixed. But nobody is perfect - if you see something actually obsolete, then add a comment to that particular bug in Bugzilla.

> I can create a new
> Windows installer using msi and also build 64bit version.
To avoid duplicate and unnecessary work it's best to come to IRC and speak with Jernej Simoncic or Michael Henning. They maintain the Sourceforge build resp. the nightly builds.

Kind regards,


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