Re: [Gimp-developer] segmentation fault when trying to replace deprecated functions in lcms.c

Per Jon's suggestion, I did "git diff origin/master >

Per Mitch's suggestion, I put the contents of
"geglify-lcms-plugin.patch" up on my website:

"geglify-lcms-plugin.patch" can be downloaded from the same page.

On 9/21/12, Michael Natterer <mitch gimp org> wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-09-20 at 14:46 -0400, Elle Stone wrote:
>> If anyone wants to try my lcms plug-in code and let me how it works
>> for them, that would be fantastic. The version that uses deprecated
>> code works perfectly, as far as I can tell, but I'm only one person,
>> using one computer. The only thing is, you do need to modify one Babl
>> file, babl/babl/base/model-rgb.c, and then recompile Babl.
> Hi Elle,
> Thanks for the updated files, I'd really like to try them when
> I have some time on the weekend.
> It would really help to get more review if you didn't upload
> entire files, but also patches against git master, so everybody
> can see the *changes* not just their result, by just looking
> at your web page. The effort to download the file, copy it
> into the source and then say "git diff" is always a good
> reason to say "nah i'll do that later" ;)
> Regards,
> --mitch

Kind regards,

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